Niger Delta
mangrove project.

Mangrove Afforestation, Nigeria
VCS + CCBS Gold Level
Est. 2021
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Newly planted mangrove trees.


planting 1,000,000 mangroves per year

the Niger Delta on the Altlantic Ocean coast in Nigeria is Africa's largest wetland. it is home to more than 20 million people and has one of the highest concentrations of biodiversity on our planet. but the abundance of life in this ecosystem has degraded over the past decades. the symbiosis of fauna and flora has been interrupted by illegal logging activities, which harm the ecosystem and put local livelihoods at risk.

today, the increased awareness of the Delta's value for the people and the planet has led to initiatives aiming at the full restoration of the mangroves. everi supports and manages this project to reforestate degraded areas, build up knowledge and create livelihood alternatives in the local communities by aiming to plant 1,000,000 red mangroves every year in partnership with local organisations. during the process of photosythesis, our blue carbon project will reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere by storing it in the coastal and marine ecosystem of the project region. mangroves forest are thus amongst the most effective means to sequester CO2 levels and store it naturally.

this project is currently open for investors.

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full time jobs created
for men and women in rural regions.
Women receive education
in form of skills and knowledge as part of the local project activities.


built for the long term -with local expertise and for local communities

by planting 1,000,000 new red mangroves every year, this project helps rebuilding natural habitats such as fish nursing grounds. at the same time it offers natural protection to coastal communities by reducing the devastating impacts of extreme whether events such as storms or floods.
to further raise awareness and increase the sustainable impact of the program to local communities, social and environmental education programs are an integral element and a key success factor. additional capacitation programs for local small holders, such as bee farming, create alternative income opportunities which allows for income generation while reducing the pressure on coastal habitats.
a river with mangroves.
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local impact

in its early stage the project creates 10 full-time jobs and 50 part-time jobs for men and women in the project area.
Woman standing next to mangrove nursery.

Climate impact

blue carbon is the most effective way to reduce CO2 from the atmosphere and store it naturally.
A beautiful bird.
Fish swarm.
Sid Petersen
everi GmbH
carbon project developer

1,000,000 trees per year help protect our climate, secure food sources and create jobs.

Sid Petersen

Founder and managing director at everi

sustainable development goals

sustainable development goals
2 zero hunger


workers with stable income opportunities are able to provide their families with food.
sustainable development goals
4 quality education


women and men of project area communities receive on-the-job training and capacitation for job alternatives.
sustainable development goals
8 decent work and economic growth


creation of 10 full-time jobs for local women and men.
sustainable development goals
10 reduced inequalities


half of the jobs created in this project are done by female workers. they receive training and are able to secure an income independently.
sustainable development goals
13 climate action


blue carbon is amongst the most effective ways to reduce CO2 in our atmosphere and store it naturally above and below ground, and in the soil.
sustainable development goals
14 life below water


mangrove swamps provide a habitat for fish and other sea life, thereby increasing biodiversity in the water.
sustainable development goals
15 life on land


mangrove swamps provide a habitat for a rich biodiversity on land such as reptiles and birds.
sustainable development goals
17 partnership for the goals


this long-term project will ensure a close international cooperation with positive, lasting effects for local communities.

our partners


we cooperate with the Nigerian gouvernment to ensure for the planted mangroves to grow for a long period of time. it also intents to teach locals the importance of climate action such as afforestation.


the United Nations youth initiative for empowering leadership and development strengthens youths potential as active citizens for peace and development.


we cooperate with the Society for Women and Vulnerable Group  Empowerment to reduce inequalities and help involved local women become financially independent.

this project is certified according to VERRA VCS and CCBS Gold Level and endorsed by

Gold Standard
carbon project
United Nations Global Compact
Global Reporting Initiative
empowering sustainable decisions
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change


the Niger Delta Mangrove project is currently under validation. we care deeply about the positive impact of this project. if you are a stakeholder and have any questions, suggestions or requests, please contact us below.
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