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everi has
joined the First
Climate group!

With a full-service provider in the climate
space at our side, we can further strengthen our impact. together, we will collaboratively work towards our shared goal: helping all clients of First Climate and everi reach their climate targets. everi will of course continue to be available
to all our valued clients and partners, just
in a different spot.
tons of CO2-eq reduced annually

we provide your organisation with customised carbon management & compensation solutions. so you can achieve your sustainability goals.

climate management strategies

climate management

we support you to implement your corporate climate strategies. by developing sustainable business models, by identifying carbon reduction measures, by defining carbon targets based on science, and by tailoring your carbon offsetting portfolio to your specific needs.
carbon offsetting


from Peru to India, we offer you high quality carbon certificates from our in-house compensation projects. within the EU, you can support our local climate protection projects.
project development & carbon finance

project development &
carbon finance

together we develop & finance certified global climate protection projects with measurable impact on communities and regions. thus also helping to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

our stance

for the people & the planet

everi-climate projects
everi-climate projects
we develop projects with a strong focus on sustainable development. we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while achieving measurable improvements for the communities and regions. thereby we are helping to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


1. my organisation wants to develop its own carbon projects. can everi help?

yes, we can. we are happy to support you navigate the complexities of international carbon markets with our whole range of expertise: from pre-feasibility studies to carbon project development and carbon credits. we look forward to discuss your ideas.

2. how do we make sure our projects create measurable impact?

we are all about creating an actual, positive impact for the climate and the communities we work with.

first and foremost, we do so by speaking with local communities on a daily basis. we develop every single one of our projects with an active involvement of neighbors, local representatives, friends, employees as well as critics. we invite them to local consultations allowing them to address concerns and develop solutions.

focusing on climate impact, we ensure all our projects adhere to the most rigorous of the global leading carbon quality standards. thereby, we guarantee real and measurable emission reductions. this is regularly certified by independent auditing companies.

3. why do we believe compensating emissions is a valuable tool in climate change mitigation?

our offset certificates make a real difference for real people. at everi, we develop climate protection projects aiming to reduce additional greenhouse gas emissions. this may be achieved by using renewable energies or by implementing the latest technologies to reduce energy consumption. other projects aim to avoid logging trees or even restore or plant entire new forests. our offset certificates are a product of these successful projects.

offsetting is a direct way of channeling finance to activities that actively mitigate climate change, but also supports sustainable development. by creating jobs that do not harm the environment and by distributing modern technology, which would otherwise not be implemented.

4. how do we create investment opportunities for our partners?

we offer you the possibility to invest in early-stage climate protection projects. the financing allows us to create additional carbon impact, which will yield in high-quality carbon certificates. our investors are looking at attractive returns on their investments due to increasing demand and prices for such tradable certificates.

5. what makes us different from other solution providers?

we develop carbon projects for and with you. instead of just reselling carbon credits, we work hand-in-hand with the people and communities on the ground to ensure the quality and long-lasting impact of our projects. these close relationships make us unique as your climate action partner.